Features and advantages

EDOC has been developed by industry specialists who know all about the practicalities of self-inspection and quality assurance. In just a few years it has been implemented by companies in several European countries and now is used every day by thousands of workers in kitchens, business chains and consulting companies.
EDOC is a complete, intuitive and easily customizable solution with multiple features. This powerful documentation tool can be fitted to users with different requirements and needs like business chains, canteen operators, consulting companies and single outlet kitchens.


EDOC can be used not only for self-inspection. The system is designed to be used for quality assurance throughout the company.


You can customize EDOC yourself to fit your needs perfectly. It is easy to make changes, adaptations and create new forms.


It’s easy to get started with EDOC. It requires virtually no training and it soon becomes a natural routine in the daily workflow.


EDOC gives you easy access to all the features necessary to carry out effective self-inspection and quality assurance.


EDOC’s report module ensures full documentation. With the flexible report choices you get both the aggregated view and the opportunity to dip into all relevant details.


EDOC’s statistics module gives you the quick overview of the use of EDOC and highlights where in the organization there might be problems.


EDOC elevates the employees’ knowledge and creates tranquility when inspecting authorities or auditors pays their visits.


EDOC eases the work for everyone who handles the daily operation or the ongoing quality management.

Added value

EDOC can also be used for many other forms of inspections and documentation routines. On the same license without additional costs.


  • EDOCs features, reports and statistics can be performed with just a few clicks.
  • EDOC can be customized to your company’s visual identity.
  • EDOC is optimized for PC, tablets and smartphones.
  • EDOC is browser-based, platform-independent and stored on secure hosted servers.
  • EDOC is a license-based solution and you only pay for as long as you use it.
  • EDOC’s support helps you setup and make sure you get a good start.

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Learn the basics about EDOC in this PDF: What is EDOC?

More for the money

EDOC gives you more time to focus on your core business and helps you to get wiser on your operation. And it does not stop at self-inspection. EDOC can be used to calculate waste, documenting certificates, create checklists for start-up and shut-down, to report sick leave, make day books and much more.

Business Chains

EDOC provides a single-solution for self-inspection and quality assurance. The central access to records from all the business outlets gives you unique opportunities for effective monitoring. It also means that you can react quickly on events that could otherwise affect the chain’s brand negatively.


As a consulting company you may want to use EDOC to keep your customers closer and get a robust understanding of their operation. We offer consulting companies EDOC as a private label, meaning that the solution appears to be your company’s own product.

Certification and auditing

EDOC can be used for internal or external audits and for any kind of environmental label, ISO, workplace or risk assessment, mystery shopping and quality assessment.

Protection of information from natural person (data protection)

FrontIt is our close partner in programming and development of EDOC.

FrontIt has en very tight organisation and has been able to show us an excellent level of data protection and system management.

We have put in a pretty strict set of NDAs and non-competion amendments to our contracts.

EDOC comply with even the toughest demands for protection of information origination from natural persons.


EDOC is hosted in Danish datacenters and hereby under the EU rules for data protection.

DOKON.dk ApS regards this as at huge advantage. Especially for our customers in public bodies who often faces harsh restriction on where they can store their sensitive data.


NIANET provide our Cloud solution.

NIANET delivers formidable uptime. Even if we do not promise levels of uptime we can promise a very reliable solution. During our of coop we have never experienced any inconveniences for our customers or for ourself.