Terms and Agreements

 On this page you find our

– basic terms for EDOC (License and Business terms) and our Data Processor Agreement (GDPR or Protection of Personal Data Terms) that covers how we handle your data.

Please read the documents to learn more, but in short, we don’t use your information and data for very much; we don’t sell it, we don’t use it send you commercials or process it in any way to learn more about you. Actually we don’t use your data for anything that dosen’t strictly relate to EDOC!

It’s your information and it is our job is to make it available to you, when you need it and make sure nobody else but you and your colleagues can se it.

There are two things we do do

If your enter an email, as part of your user profile, we will send you a newsletter, but you can unsubscribe (its mail-chimp, so it real easy) and you won’t hear from us again (except when we invoice you ;-).

And if your enter a phone number EDOC will use it to send you the alarms you have set up yourself! Thats it.


Remember that you are The One that owns the data: you are legally The Data Controller. This means that you are responsible in several ways.

We have written about that on page 13, Annex 5, (page 14 in the Danish version) and you should pay extra attention to what you can do to protect the data, that you and your colleagues enter into EDOC.

Data Processing (GDPR or Protection of Personal Data Terms)

UK: DOKON.dk ApS Data Processor Agreement EDOC 

DK: DOKON.dk ApS databehandleraftale EDOC

Terms of use (License and Business terms)

UK: License agreement for EDOC June 2018

DK: Licensaftale for EDOC juni 2018


I you have any questions, please call Bo Damgaard Asmussen on +45 3135 1920.