Do you need EDOC for your own business?

If your services requires any level of documentation EDOC can help you for at very reasonable price. You don´t have to develop your own software.

Your company can easily make EDOC your own product and expand your services and contact opportunities with your customers.

EDOC is a SaaS (Software as a Service) and will be your own IT-platform from which to implement the standards and methodology you want extend to your customers.

You only pay for the licenses and services your actually using.

Please call us on +45 3135 1920 or slip us a mail and we will get back to you.

Contact our Business Partners

You can get EDOC from ApS or you can get it from one of our partners.

We have large customers and partners in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Finland and Estonia, that uses EDOC for the services they offer to their customers.

Below you will find our established partners. We are currently working with companies in Cleaning, Housekeeping, Auditing and Healthcare, that all want to use EDOC as a documentation tool for their services.

If your country is not on the list, you can still get EDOC, just contact us for more information.

Partner references:


Bureau Veritas (Audit and Self Inspection). Contact Lone Hansen. Phone: +45 4119 1116.

JHN Rådgivning (Healthcare and Food Safety). Contact Julie Hostrup Nørgaard. Phone: +45 22 50 24 38

Fødevaregruppen (Audit and Self Inspection). Contact Signe Braat. Phone: +45 2290 0303.


Net-Foodlab Oy (Auditing and Food Safety).  Contact: Tuomas Virtalaine. Phone +358-50-3424 601.


Net-Foodlab Eesti OÜ (Auditing Food Safety). Contact: Raimond Ohak. Phone +372 56488633.


Diversey Care (Cleaning and Food Safety). Contact: Martin Ryding. Phone +46(0) 767 88 90 11.


Diversey BV (Cleaning and Food Safety), Diversey Care. Contact: Rene Aveskamp.  Phone: +31 6 53466967.

Schweiz and France:

Diversey Consulting (Food Safety). Contact: Andreas Manz. Phone: +41 71 969 25 04.