New EDOC Mob

  We are making a new version of EDOC Mob October 17. 2019!

On this page you will find a short “go-thru” af the news in EDOCs Mob. EDOC Mob is where you perform your controls.

We are releasing the new version earlier and faster than planed.

This is due to the changes Apple have made, with short notice, in their iOS (operation system). The changes means that the old version of EDOC Mob doesn’t work, if you update your Apple devices.

Click here for the english version: EDOC REDESIGN Presentation 2019 EN

Click here for the danish version: EDOC REDESIGN Presentation 2019 DK

Note: Remember that you can contact your EDOC supplier if you have problems logning in or if something isn’t working right.

Best regards

The EDOC team.